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Why did we create the Jolidrive and why it matters?

by Tariq Krim – 18 comments

April 30th, 2013

Four years ago, we created Jolicloud to let everyone to benefit from the cloud revolution.

When we started, we did two things:

  • Give everyone free access to the cloud, even if they didn’t have the latest computer. We created Joli OS, a simple and beautiful cloud OS that could connect all computers to the cloud, even the old ones.
  • Create a personal environment in the cloud to easily access all our online content. The Jolidrive.

Today, I want to talk about the vision behind the Jolidrive. Jolidrive started its life as the user interface of our operating system. But as we improved it, we decided to make it available for everyone.

“A place just for you and your stuff”

For years, alongside my laptop, I carried an external hard drive with a copy of all my content. At that time, it was the easiest way to move and access content on multiple computers.

But the cloud changed everything. Now I only use my external hard drive to backup some music and movies. All my active content is in the cloud. But it’s hard for me to keep track of everything because it’s spread across too many services:

  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box is where my personal and professional documents are backed up.
  • My photos are spread across my iPhone, Facebook, Instagram and Path. The oldest ones are on Flickr.
  • I am a big music listener, so I had lots of MP3s on my local hard drive. Last year I decided to upload a good chunk of my music collection to Dropbox (it took me 17 days, so you can imagine how big it was!) I still have some music on iTunes, but I have started to create playlists on Spotify, Exfm and Soundcloud, and I see myself using YouTube more and more when I want to listen to rare tracks.
  • I read a lot of articles and I keep track of them with the “read me later” features of Instapaper and Readability.
  • Even if I am not a big Evernote user, I push images and articles to their servers from time to time.

But my digital life is not only about the things I have created:

  • Tons of important photos in my life have been taken by friends and sit in their digital accounts (I secretly hope everyday that they won’t close their accounts!)
  • I also spend a lot of time with social media. I “like” pictures, music, videos and articles everyday from different sources. I like the idea of going back from time to time and checking what I have selected. For exemple, when I don’t have the time to watch an interesting video on YouTube, I click on the “watch later” button and watch it when I am home.

In fact, all the content described above has now become the digital equivalent of my external hard drive.

“Jolidrive changed my digital life”

Until Jolidrive, I didn’t really have a sense of unity and ownership around my digital life because it was impossible for me to keep track of it. We designed our interface to make all these online services not very different from what file manager used to be. The magic of Jolidrive is to show each type of content (music, video, image, document) and be able to “play” it from the web!

Until Jolidrive I didn’t really use the full potential of SoundCloud and Tumblr the way I do now. I have subscribed to amazing source of content and I can start the day with infinite cool new music all the time.

Until Jolidrive, searching in my cloud was not really usefull. Now with the search, I can find stuff that I had completely lost track of and use the explore feature to discover new things that I had no idea existed. Just try Daft Punk on Tumblr to check all the remix created since the new album, in fact just type anything you like and you will be amazed by the diversity of results.

“Our personal cloud is the gatekeeper of our digital memories, it’s unique to us and must be preserved and nurtured over time.”

Using Jolidrive made me understand that we are all unique, not because of the phone and services we use, but because of what we do, like, create and store in this digital world. With all the coming services like Evernote, Jolidrive will help you build an even more personal and richer cloud. If there are services you believe we should include, let us know!

The future of the cloud is not about selling more $700 phones, but to create a place where we can enjoy our entire digital life without restriction, from any device we own, or will own in the future. This is the future we are trying to build at Jolicloud and with Jolidrive we really want to reinvent the way to access, manage and enjoy your digital life. And also make this digital world less complicated!

Happy jolidriving!

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Turn your Jolidrive into an infinite jukebox with Exfm

by Jolicloud Team – 3 comments

April 25th, 2013

Today, we’re happy to announce that Exfm, the awesome New York-based music discovery platform, is coming to your Jolidrive!

We have always been fans of Exfm, but when we met them in NYC a couple of months ago, we discovered we had so much in common as a small independant company trying to make the web a better place.

Dive right in:

Browse genres, albums, artists
Explore tunes automatically filtered for you and discover more about your favorite bands.

Search tracks by name or artist
Is a song tickling your fancy?
It’s most likely only one search away
from your ears.

Listen. Love. Do it again.
Keep track of and share all the songs you love. When you find a great song, simply click the heart.

And more!
Featured albums – A new album featured each week, so be sure to give it a listen!
Featured sites – Millions of music websites, all perfectly organized for you.
Feed – Follow others to hear what they’ve loved and create your perfect feed.
Trending – The pulse of what’s happening on Exfm every day.

Click here to add Exfm, and put your headphones on!

With the ability to play your music from your online storage, SoundCloud and now Exfm, Jolidrive is the must have app for your next party.

Happy jolidriving!

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Introducing Search for your Jolidrive

by Jolicloud Team – 17 comments

April 16th, 2013

Today we are very excited to introduce Search. Since we introduced Jolidrive it’s been one of the most requested features and it’s now available to all our users.

Your Jolidrive becomes searchable

We made it very easy to search anything you have in your Jolidrive: music, photos, documents, videos in your online storages but search can also help you find great content in all your favorite social services like Instagram, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Youtube and more…


Find and play all the music you have on your favorite online storages


Search “karaoke” on YouTube and favorite the songs that will warm up your next party

Not enough?
You can also search for instance “Paris” on Instagram and like the photos of the places you want to visit during your next trip or search “Meme” on Tumblr to stay on the edge…

Explore your personal cloud

Combined with search we have created a powerful discovery feature letting you hop from users to locations or keywords. It’s a great way to discover new music, photos and videos that you can like and share with your friends.


On Instagram for instance, you can click on users and locations

New services available

A lot of cool new services have made their appearance in the Jolidrive and most of them work with search!

Click here to activate search on your Jolidrive and discover new content.

Happy jolidriving!

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Welcome to CloudApp on the Jolidrive

by Jolicloud Team – 7 comments

April 5th, 2013

At Jolicloud, like many of you using Mac, we are big fans of CloudApp. We use it a lot to push to the cloud any screenshot we do. But CloudApp is actually a very cool online storage service that lets people easily share images, links, music, videos and files.

We thought that CloudApp would be a great service for the Jolidrive and both teams have worked together for its integration.

As of today you can access all your CloudApp content from your Jolidrive. Not only can you access your files and bookmarks but like in all the other services: listen to, view or watch all the music, photos and videos you have there.

To celebrate the integration, the nice folks at CloudApp created a promo code! Use “jolidrive” during checkout to save 20% off CloudApp Pro.


The gorgeous integration of Cloud App allows you listen to your music


View your photos on CloudApp from Jolidrive


Watch your videos on CloudApp from Jolidrive

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to let us know what other services you guys want to have in your Jolidrive.

Happy jolidriving!

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Introducing Jolidrive: Get your life together

by Jolicloud Team – 36 comments

March 12th, 2013

Thanks to you, Jolicloud has become, over the years, the best alternative cloud platform.

With our OS, our desktop, our app center and for some of you, our collector netbook, the Jolibook, we have been able to make the cloud more easy and accessible to everyone. Until now, only one thing was really missing to make your experience complete: a simple and elegant way to access your online data. This is why we are introducing Jolidrive.

We’ve tried different ways of giving you access to your data, but they were not exactly what you were looking for. We went back to the drawing board and decided to answer a simple question: if the cloud is the online hard drive containing all my data, why don’t I have a simple access to it?

This is how we designed Jolidrive: as a re-imagination of what online storage should be. It was designed to fit together perfectly with our Jolicloud Desktop. If you are already using our desktop via Joli OS or the Web, Jolidrive is now a part of your interface.

Jolidrive is amazing, and will change the way to look at our content in the cloud. To introduce its features, we created a little video:

Jolidrive allows you to access all of your data with one simple interface from your browser.

We are kickstarting Jolidrive with the most popular services on the web like Dropbox, Box, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, SkyDrive, and Google Drive, and more will be announced in the coming weeks. One click, and you will be able to access and play all the content you have created, liked or shared with friends. Because the video you liked or the photo you shared are also part of your personal cloud.

The beauty of Jolidrive is that it can work everywhere. A lot of you started your Jolicloud journey on a Joli OS computer, but have moved on to the iPad or mobile devices. We have good news for you: our HTML5 application works perfectly on the iPad too!

In the meantime, enjoy playing with Jolidrive and don’t forget to spread the word!

Happy Jolidriving!

Dropbox on Jolidrive

Your Dropbox on your Jolidrive

Google Drive on Jolidrive

Your Google Drive on your Jolidrive

Tumblr on Jolidrive

Your Tumblr on your Jolidrive

Dropbox on Jolidrive

Your Instagram on your Jolidrive

YouTube on Jolidrive

Your YouTube on your Jolidrive

SoundCloud on Jolidrive

Your SoundCloud on your Jolidrive

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Jolicloud: The People’s Choice

by Jolicloud Team – 16 comments

December 18th, 2012

Earlier this month we mentioned that we’d been nominated for The Europas, one of Europe’s most prestigious tech events. We’ve just found out that we are eligible for The People’s Choice Awards! The People’s Choice Awards is an opportunity for you guys to share your appreciation and love for Jolicloud with the world.

Visit this page and click the “Like” button to vote for us, and don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. ;-)

It’s really exciting to be nominated for this award because it is the one that gets chosen by you. Making your digital life freer and easier to use — not to forget, more beautiful and elegant — has been our driving force. So, if you think we deserve this award — well, that is just the best way to let us know we are moving in the right direction.

Thank you for your love & support!

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Get Us Nominated for the Crunchies!

by Jolicloud Team – 0 comments

December 3rd, 2012

Jolicloud has been nominated for The Europas, one of Europe’s most prestigious tech events! We are very proud and very grateful for this nomination.

There is another award that we would love to be nominated for, but we can only do this if you, our faithful users, believe we deserve it: TechCrunch’s Crunchie Awards!

Would you consider nominating us for Best Design? Creating a beautiful, elegant, and, above all, easy-to-use interface for your digital life has been one of our top priorities since the beginning. If you agree and want to submit your nomination, click here. You can submit one nomination per category per day through Thursday night, December 6th, 2012.

Check out all the improvements we’ve made to

It’s kind of sexy, right? You might want to consider nominating us for Sexiest Enterprise Startup (you can make that nomination here) ;-)

Thanks for your support!

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Look, listen & watch on your Jolicloud

by Tariq Krim – 28 comments

November 5th, 2012

It’s only been a few weeks since we have released the new Jolicloud and your feedback has been great. We have spent the last week improving and polishing the user experience, and we’ve added two new services: YouTube and Vimeo!

We all have the same problem: we use a lot of different services that host our favorite pictures, music and videos. How can we access them in the nicest way possible?

A new image theater

With Instagram, Picasa, Facebook or Flickr and all the photos we have in our Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, we are exposed to a lot of photos. Because we love the idea of browsing through all of them quickly and easily, the team started improving and redesigning the photo experience.

Not only is it fast, awesome, and displays the photo location, but, as an added convenience, this image player can be used with left and right shortcut keys.
Make sure to add all your photo services on Jolicloud!

Music non-stop

With the integration of SoundCloud a couple weeks ago we unveiled the prototype of a nice music player. It was great but not enough for the team that decided to give it a very nice facelift. A gorgeous design including album covers, playlist management, and automatic playthrough so you don’t need to click to the next song: Browse your entire Jolicloud while listening to your favorite tracks! We are making this player the new default music experience and it will be plugged not only to SoundCloud but also to all your other services (including Joli OS).

And because it’s all HTML5 you can listen to your favorite podcast on the new iPad mini while having a coffee and browsing your latest Instagram pictures (like I do!).

Welcome to video

We love YouTube and Vimeo and there are tons of great things (including music we can’t find elsewhere) but you have to admit the online video experience is not always suitable. We hope that our latest addition will become your new addiction: with the support of YouTube and Vimeo, you can now access all of your favorite videos as well as featured content and have all of your videos organized in one place. And the interface is quite amazing!

To install YouTube and Vimeo, go to the settings of your Jolicloud and scroll down (they are at the end of the list).

We hope you will enjoy our latest features! We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it: Jolicloud gains Instapaper and Readability!

by Jolicloud Team – 13 comments

October 25th, 2012

There’s been a lot of news about Jolicloud lately. We’ve seen articles published about our new Open Platform, about the addition of services like Facebook, Tumblr and SoundCloud, and even some talks from team members. With Jolicloud in so many articles, we decided that it was time for the articles to be in Jolicloud. Today, we’re introducing Instapaper and Readability support!

With this new addition to Jolicloud, you’ll now be able to browse through and read your news and articles with unprecedented comfort. Choose between one of several views including your reading list, favorites and archives, and enjoy your content right from the comfort of your Jolicloud.

You can connect your free Readability account or paid Instapaper account right away. You’ll find them both in the settings section of your Jolicloud start page. And as usual, don’t forget to tell us what you think using the feedback button in the top right corner of your Jolicloud. We love hearing from you.


Update: Jolicloud can now get all of your favorite links right from your Pocket!

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Music to your ears with Jolicloud and SoundCloud

by Jolicloud Team – 25 comments

October 18th, 2012

Jolicloud has been working hard to let you build the perfect start page for your personal cloud. This week, we’re taking your music experience to the next level by integrating SoundCloud with your Jolicloud.

Music player for a SoundCloud track on Jolicloud

You’ll be able to browse your own tracks for your convenience as well as the tracks that you’ve liked and the tracks from your stream, bringing your entire online audio experience to one place. You can connect SoundCloud in the settings section of your Jolicloud.

0:00 / 2:50

ValentineCary Judd

We’ve designed an awesome music player from scratch, so we hope you’ll like it. Tell us what you think using the integrated feedback button at the top of your new start page. We’re always listening, and we really appreciate your feedback!

Let the music play ♫ ♪

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