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Heartbleed? It’s ok. You’re home and safe with Jolicloud!

by Jolicloud Team – 3 comments

April 10th, 2014

On April 7th, a group of security researchers discovered and publicly disclosed a vulnerability called “Heartbleed” in OpenSSL library. This library is used to secure online communications for most services on the Internet.

As soon as we were aware of Heartbleed, we checked our entire backend to make sure your data are and have been safe. And the good news is that we were not affected by the issue because our version of OpenSSL is not vulnerable to Heartbleed!

Of course, we are still monitoring the situation and will do the necessary for you if we discover anything. Because OpenSSL is widely used on the Internet, we recommend checking if your other services are affected before logging into them again.

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Jolicloud 2 Housewarming Party

by Jolicloud Team – 53 comments

December 12th, 2013

After months of hard work, we are ready to give our existing users early access to Jolicloud 2 and the awesome new features we have prepared for you.

Jolicloud 2 lives entirely in the browser. It’s been designed mainly for Chrome and Chromebook users, but it should also work with other modern browsers.

If you have used one of our previous products, you should be familiar with the interface. We have kept all the best parts like the Joli OS desktop and the Jolidrive layout, but we have reorganized everything under two roofs.

Home and Drive

Jolicloud has now two sections: Home which gathers all your content in one place, and Drive which unifies all your online storage.
You can switch between Home and Drive at any time, and both services have been designed to work well together.

If you are still using the Jolicloud app launcher, no worries: it’s now under the Drive section. You can make it appear or disappear in the settings.

What’s New: Don’t miss out on what’s happening

With all the services that we follow out there, it’s hard to keep track of all the things that matter. With What’s New, everything is in one place, organized in categories.

Library: Keep the important stuff in one place

Library is your time machine that keeps an organized history of all the things you’ve liked across the Internet. Anything you’ve liked elsewhere will automagically appear there. And when you like something in Jolicloud, it automatically adds it to your Library and sends a like to the original service.

Feedly: Bring the news!

Because news is an important part of our cloud life, we have worked with Feedly to bring you one of the simplest RSS experiences available. And we’ve fully integrated it with other cloud services.

Google Reader users, Jolicloud is now officially your new Home!

Drive: All your online storages


Our storage interface is one of the best available in a browser. With Drive, you can manage all your storage services online in one place. And you can do much more with your files than you could in the original web interface of the service: play music and video, edit text, share files and folders in one click.

Try it, you will love it!

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Jolicloud 2 – Your modern alternative to iGoogle

by Jolicloud Team – 36 comments

October 30th, 2013

On November 1st, in just a few short days, iGoogle will be shutting down. The reason for this, according to Google, is that the product is not relevant to the present.

“We originally launched iGoogle in 2005 before anyone could fully imagine the ways that today’s web and mobile apps would put personalized, real-time information at your fingertips.” (*)

We believe you should not have to fear becoming homeless!

Jolicloud 2 is here to welcome all users who are looking for an alternative, a more modern home that better suits today’s digital behaviours and landscapes.

Jolicloud 2 is a place to call home. We are constantly up to date on digital trends and technology in order to keep your home relevant to you and to the present.

In November, we will open the doors to our digital housewarming party. We will reveal all our new features and services that make a home a home. However, you are welcome to join today to secure an invite and get going with your new place.

Happy Joliclouding!

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Announcing Jolicloud 2: A place to call home

by Jolicloud Team – 35 comments

October 24th, 2013

Wow! We are now more than 1 million people using Jolicloud around the world. Thank you so much!

Since our beginnings as an operating system, Jolicloud has worked passionately to make the digital world simpler to use for everyone.
As we spent our days switching between our phones and computers, juggling between multiple services and seeing our data spread across the Internet, we believed something was missing in our lives. A place to call home.
A place where everything that belongs to you is always there. A place that makes all your content simple to access and use. No matter what phone, what computer or what service you have.

Until today, this place didn’t exist. So we decided to build it.

We are very excited to announce Jolicloud 2. Your new home online.

Jolicloud 2 will be available soon, and in November we are throwing a digital housewarming party! We will get back to you soon on how you can get an invitation to the party and become one of the first to use Jolicloud 2. (Or you can just sign up for Jolicloud before 4th of Nov and guarantee your invite.)

Here is a little teaser video we have prepared for you:

Stay tuned…

Happy Joliclouding!

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6 tips to make your digital life better

by Jolicloud Team – 5 comments

October 21st, 2013

Over the last few days, we’ve gone in-depth with Jolicloud, giving you an inside look at some great tips to get the most out of your content. In case you missed one, we’ll go over everything one more time.


Don’t let file size weigh you down! Upload up to 20MB at a time to your storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, MediaFire and more!


Using Flickr’s amazing 1TB of storage to backup photos automatically from your iPhone? You can use Jolicloud to easily share them to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more!


Jolicloud’s full screen player has a brand new look! Check it out the next time you open a video or a picture.


Want to place your content before anything else? You can click, hold and drag the tabs of your services to reorganize them as you like.

Drag and Drop

Did you know you can drag and drop an image directly from another tab to a storage service? This also works with files that are stored locally on your computer!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Jolicloud now includes more useful keyboard shortcuts! Press the [?] key to display the list.

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to post on Facebook, Google+, message us on Twitter or using the built-in Feedback button in the top right of your Jolicloud.

Happy Joliclouding!

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Support: Having troubles with your services on the left?

by Jolicloud Team – 11 comments

October 3rd, 2013

As you might know, Jolicloud has been one of the first products to take advantage of HTML5 technologies like offline and AppCache, that we use to load your page much faster.
All modern browsers support that technology but some Chrome users told us they had troubles with their services on the left.

If you have the issue, here are the instructions to solve it.
Open a new tab and go to the following URL: chrome://appcache-internals/

Remove the Jolicloud entry.
Go back to the web app and refresh the page. And Voilà!

Please let us know if you still have the problem, our team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your support!

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Jolidrive for iPad and iPhone

by Jolicloud Team – 13 comments

July 4th, 2013

Today we are very excited to introduce Jolidrive for iOS. Jolidrive is now available on the App Store, for both iPhone and iPad.

We created Jolidrive to give you the power to access all your content scattered across multiple services in one place. Exploring your content, music, photos, videos and documents has never been easier.

With Jolidrive for iPhone and iPad, your personal cloud is just one touch away. Access all your favorite content faster and enjoy all the features you love already like search or the unified music and video player. If you have an Apple TV or use an AirPlay device, you can stream seamlessly all your music, photos & videos from your cloud in seconds.
Jolidrive is available for free in the App Store.

We hope you will enjoy this new app and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy jolidriving!

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Your SlideShare presentations now in your Jolidrive

by Jolicloud Team – 1 comment

June 20th, 2013

SlideShare, the great service that helps you publish your presentations is now available on your Jolidrive. Enjoy an easy access to all your favorite presentations and a convenient and quick way to discover new ones.

Discover SlideShare

To start exploring Slideshare content, you don’t even need an account. We made it easy to discover all the featured and popular presentations. Take a look at what’s trending, you might like what you find!


Search New Presentations

But what also makes this integration awesome is search. SlideShare has an amazing catalog of content. Looking for a review? A how-to or tutorial? Some data about a specific market? With search, you will find what you need in seconds.

Favorite Interesting Presentations

This feature is only accessible for people with a SlideShare account. It only takes a few seconds to create one. Once you find a presentation that you like, you can favorite and save it for later. It will automatically be added to your favorite collection, making all the content you need just one click away.

True Story

“I was looking for information about Internet on mobile, so I went to my Jolidrive and searched Mary Meeker. I instantly got a lot of results, including the 2013 edition of the annual Internet trends report. I clicked on its author and got all the previous presentations!”


Happy jolidriving!

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Jolicloud at Firefox OS Paris Hackathon

by Jolicloud Team – 7 comments

June 11th, 2013

Here at Jolicloud, we love Firefox that’s why we attended the Firefox OS Paris Hackathon.
It was the opportunity to say hello to the Mozilla team in their new space (the place is really awesome) and to start porting Jolidrive to Firefox OS!

And because a good news never comes alone, you can already find Jolidrive in the Firefox Marketplace!

Attendees being impressed by Jolidrive ;)

Under the hood

Firefox OS is a mobile platform based on standard Web technologies (HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3). Jolidrive is already a great Web application for desktop and mobile browsers. We use a responsive design to automatically adapt the layout of the application to the size of the screen.
However, we discovered some space for optimizations on Firefox for mobile.

What we did during this hackathon:

  • Fix display bugs.
  • Actions on items were inactive, you can now tap to like and share the content.
  • With WebActivities, one of the powerful capabilities of Firefox OS, the user can now choose from all installed applications the one to share his content.

Note a lot of those fixes benefit to Firefox for Android too.

Jolidrive running on Firefox OS

Happy jolidriving!

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Jolidrive announces the new Google Sign in at Google I/O

by Jolicloud Team – 8 comments

May 15th, 2013

We are excited to announce today from the Google I/O conference that you can use the new Google Sign in to create your Jolidrive account. This new sign in option makes it easy to add all your favorite Google services to your Jolidrive at once: Google+, Google Drive, YouTube and Picasa. The new sign in option also supports Google Apps.

The new Google Sign in on Jolidrive

Select which Google services you want to add to your Jolidrive

With the new Google Sign in, we designed a beautiful and simple way to select the services you would like to associate during the registration (i.e. before the “OAuth dance” if you’re a developer). Click on Sign in with Google and we will automatically associate the Google services you selected to your Jolidrive account in one step.


Google+ on Jolidrive — Listening to some music from Google Drive

Google Drive on Jolidrive — Editing a Google Document

YouTube on Jolidrive

Picasa on Jolidrive

Jolidrive now with Google Apps support

The great news is the Google Sign in works seamlessly with Google Apps, which is great for schools and enterprises. To access your Google Apps from the Jolidrive, don’t forget to make sure that Google+ is enabled for your organization. Please ask your administrator if that’s not already the case.

Google+ Community

To celebrate Google Sign in, we’ve introduced an official Jolicloud community to Google+. You can access and join it starting today. Feel free to share photos, give suggestions, request features and services, or simply talk to other members of the Jolicloud family. We’ll be answering questions from the official Jolicloud account, and team members will often stop by to chat with you and the rest of the community.

Jolicloud @ Google I/O

We are also happy to announce that Jolicloud has a booth at Google I/O this week in the Google+ sandbox. Come say hello if you’re attending. We’d love to meet you!

See you in the sandbox!

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