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Introducing our Universal Search

by Jolicloud Team

December 4th, 2014

Drive is the best way to connect and browse all your online content from one place, just like you used to do with your computer before.

Until today we had a search by service but no global search. The team has worked relentlessly to provide you with that feature. We call it Universal Search, and it’s awesome!

Now you can search through all your different Google Drive, Dropbox or Box accounts. Type “mp3” for instance and find all the music you have stored online.


The last search is saved in the sidebar so you can go back to its results at anytime.

This feature is available to everyone as of today, and Pro users can search all the additional accounts they have attached to Drive.

Happy joliclouding!

Please note that the Universal Search works with the services that have implemented a search feature (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire, OneDrive due to API limitations from Microsoft doesn’t let us open content from search results for now. We are working on a solution and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Jose O Marin
December 7, 2014
7:31 pm

Gracias una ves mas por hacer mas grande y funcional a jolicloud para el servicio de la comunidad.Reciban un mensaje de Feliz Navidad para Ustedes y sus familias.

December 8, 2014
11:26 am

Gracias! And merry Christmas!

Ali za
December 8, 2014
7:16 pm

Thanksssss Joulicloud

December 9, 2014
11:53 am

You’re welcome :)

December 16, 2014
10:13 pm

Awesome! It looks like this only searches by file name, do you guys plan on implementing document search as well (i.e. within .doc, .pdf, .somefile, etc…)?

December 18, 2014
12:12 pm

Glad you like it!
The search doesn’t check only filenames but it depends on the third service APIs.

Alex van der Linden
January 5, 2015
9:27 pm

How do I find the old start-up user-interface, without setting up Drive.

    Zak Kaufman
    January 6, 2015
    5:33 pm

    Hi there!
    Drive has actually succeeded the older version of Jolicloud. Is there something in particular that you’re missing from the older version?

Guilherme Harrison
January 8, 2015
4:36 pm

You guys are incredible! The best thing was to change the name of the service, I had a terrible time trying to remember/finding the service after I returned from my vacation.

Guilherme Harrison
January 8, 2015
4:42 pm

Just noticed the name didn’t change, I thought jolicloud was the new name of drive.

    Zak Kaufman
    January 9, 2015
    4:08 pm

    Drive and Library are both a part of Jolicloud ;)

bring old UI back
February 4, 2015
5:21 pm

Please tell me how to get back to the “App Launcher” on your service. That’s the only reason I use your service at all.

February 6, 2015
10:52 am

We actually pushed an update to bring it back!

February 19, 2015
9:16 pm

you guys should like this new browser…

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