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Your SlideShare presentations now in your Jolidrive

by Jolicloud Team

June 20th, 2013

SlideShare, the great service that helps you publish your presentations is now available on your Jolidrive. Enjoy an easy access to all your favorite presentations and a convenient and quick way to discover new ones.

Discover SlideShare

To start exploring Slideshare content, you don’t even need an account. We made it easy to discover all the featured and popular presentations. Take a look at what’s trending, you might like what you find!


Search New Presentations

But what also makes this integration awesome is search. SlideShare has an amazing catalog of content. Looking for a review? A how-to or tutorial? Some data about a specific market? With search, you will find what you need in seconds.

Favorite Interesting Presentations

This feature is only accessible for people with a SlideShare account. It only takes a few seconds to create one. Once you find a presentation that you like, you can favorite and save it for later. It will automatically be added to your favorite collection, making all the content you need just one click away.

True Story

“I was looking for information about Internet on mobile, so I went to my Jolidrive and searched Mary Meeker. I instantly got a lot of results, including the 2013 edition of the annual Internet trends report. I clicked on its author and got all the previous presentations!”


Happy jolidriving!

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