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Jolidrive announces the new Google Sign in at Google I/O

by Jolicloud Team

May 15th, 2013

We are excited to announce today from the Google I/O conference that you can use the new Google Sign in to create your Jolidrive account. This new sign in option makes it easy to add all your favorite Google services to your Jolidrive at once: Google+, Google Drive, YouTube and Picasa. The new sign in option also supports Google Apps.

The new Google Sign in on Jolidrive

Select which Google services you want to add to your Jolidrive

With the new Google Sign in, we designed a beautiful and simple way to select the services you would like to associate during the registration (i.e. before the “OAuth dance” if you’re a developer). Click on Sign in with Google and we will automatically associate the Google services you selected to your Jolidrive account in one step.


Google+ on Jolidrive — Listening to some music from Google Drive

Google Drive on Jolidrive — Editing a Google Document

YouTube on Jolidrive

Picasa on Jolidrive

Jolidrive now with Google Apps support

The great news is the Google Sign in works seamlessly with Google Apps, which is great for schools and enterprises. To access your Google Apps from the Jolidrive, don’t forget to make sure that Google+ is enabled for your organization. Please ask your administrator if that’s not already the case.

Google+ Community

To celebrate Google Sign in, we’ve introduced an official Jolicloud community to Google+. You can access and join it starting today. Feel free to share photos, give suggestions, request features and services, or simply talk to other members of the Jolicloud family. We’ll be answering questions from the official Jolicloud account, and team members will often stop by to chat with you and the rest of the community.

Jolicloud @ Google I/O

We are also happy to announce that Jolicloud has a booth at Google I/O this week in the Google+ sandbox. Come say hello if you’re attending. We’d love to meet you!

See you in the sandbox!

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[…] pour les développeurs d’application comme le login via Google+ qui est déjà exploité par Jolidrive par exemple, mais aussi la possibilité de renvoyer des informations à votre serveur via GCM (Google Cloud […]

May 22, 2013
5:42 pm

Is it possible to convert a current account to one that sign in via Google sign in?

Yes! First, sign in the classic way, connect Google+ as a source, sign out and sign in with Google.

June 6, 2013
2:28 am

This Jolidrive stuff is fascinating and all, but what I’m really interested in is Jolios 2.0, is there any progress being made on that? Or have you guys abandoned those of us who love the OS to instead focus purely on Jolidrive?

June 10, 2013
6:47 pm

I have yet to find a way to CREATE a document from within Jolidrive. Is it at all possible, or could it perhaps be made possible in the future?

Creating content from Jolidrive is something under consideration!

[…] réactive pour séduire les utilisateurs potentiels, et avait ainsi proposé dès son lancement la nouvelle procédure de login de Google+, ou même une version Firefox OS suite au hackathon de […]

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